• CN1 supplies various types of canister which contains liquid chemicals for ALD- and CVD-related processes in semiconductor-based industries

Product information

Product Type

  • Feature & Advantages
  • Volume : 1~200 liter
  • 316L stainless body with EP treatment
  • Maximum safety and cost efficient
  • Hydraulic pressure : 300kPa
  • Leak rate : under 2.0×10-9 mbar·l/sec

Feature & Advantages

Class Specification
Transfer type DLI(Direct Liquid Injector) for LDS
Valve type 1/4″ Pneumatic diaphragm valve
Gasket Teflon or Metal
Inlet/Outlet port 1/4″ Male VCR
Refill port 1/4″ or 1/2″ Male VCR
Purge valve Option
Level sensor Option