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2X Korean ALD News Blogs from CN1 and Incheon National University


So today I was reading some papers and found an interesting one on selective Co CVD using the market leading precursor CoCOCp [CoCp(CO)2]. The paper was recently published by a Korean research group at Incheon National University and as usual I went digging up the facts what hardware was being used and then I find this Korean ALD equipment compoany CN1 that I have scouted before. Anyway, they have updated their web and have a nice news blog and especially nice to find that they sometimes link to my blogs.


Check it out, there are mixed news in English and Korean.: http://www.cn-1.co.kr/about-us/news/


Atomic Premium  – Showerhead type Plasma-Enhanced ALD (PE-ALD) cluster tool from CN1

…and by the way here is that Co paper – Open Source – and the Nanomaterials Lab of Incheon National University  also have a News Blog : http://nanomaterial.kr/