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Awarding ceremony of "The proud enterpriser prize for July"

Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Support Center (hereinafter referred to as GSBC) held an awarding ceremony of ‘The proud enterpriser prize for July’ in the creation room on the 4th floor of the Main Center Building on the 4th.

‘The proud enterpriser prize‘ is selected and presented to a subject out of ▲the firms which grew through support of the Center (sales turnover and export amount increase, employment creation, brand awareness improvement etc) ▲the firms which took the initiative in social contribution (job creation, vulnerable class support etc) ▲the firms which strengthened the position of Gyeonggi-do, among the firms which participated in various support works rendered by GSBC.

GSBC selected total 4 people as the proud enterpriser for July. Jaehak Jeong CEO of CN-1 Co., Ltd., Janghyun Kim CEO of SH Technology Co., Ltd, Oegu Ha CEO of Lequip Co., Ltd., Youngshik Ha CEO of Cheongbo Co., Ltd. an agricultural corporate won this prize respectively.

CN-1 Co., Ltd. which manufactures semiconductor equipment in Hwaseong-si succeeded in starting business through ‘G-Business Startup Project‘ a business foundation work of Gyeonggi-do. It made a remarkable growth such that 2 employees were increased to 20, 40 million Won of annual sales turnover increased to 5 billion Won only 7 years after starting its business and others so it is the enterprise that continual sales increase and job creation is expected in future.

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